REMINDER: To everyone coming to the New Years Eve shows in Denver, Colorado on Dec 30th and 31st The Ogden Theatre that these shows will be “paperless” shows. To get in you’ll need the credit card that was used to purchase the tickets. THE PERSON WHO PURCHASED THE TICKETS MUST BE PRESENT WITH ID AND THE CREDIT CARD USED AT TIME OF PURCHASE IN ORDER TO ENTER.

Because of this please be very weary of anyone selling tickets to these shows on Stub Hub or any other secondary ticketing sites. There are NO Paper Tickets for these shows, and therefore, the only way ownership of tickets can be transferred is if the person who you are buying tickets from actually shows up with you, their ID, and the credit card used to purchase the tickets.

Also, it is going to be very Cold out before the shows so please plan accordingly! Doors open at 8pm, please have ID’s and Credit Cards ready to help keep the line moving as fast as possible. Make sure to bundle up and stay warm.

We hope everyone understands that this is all in an effort to ensure that as many tickets as possible find their way to our fans, and not to scalpers.

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