January 18, 2018

FRYE x THE LUMINEERS – Handcrafted with luxe full-grain leather, our new boot collaboration with FRYE takes center stage…

“Frye was kind enough to build a boot for the stage for me. I had an odd request – I wanted people in the back row in the arenas to be able to see my feet. So, they came up with a beautiful white boot. Now I get more compliments on the boots than my singing :). Thank you Frye!” - Wesley Schultz

2 Responses to Introducing: FRYE x THE LUMINEERS

  1. Wesley you looked great in those white boots wich ones for the next tour. Charlotte Desieyes

  2. Char

    I am hoping that you can answer a question that has been a mystery! I have been so lucky to have seen my favorite group The Lumineers five times. Each time before they appear on stage, the song The Chain by Fleetwood Mac is played. I love the song, would love to know why The Lumineers use that particular song every time!

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