Leonard Cohen – Tower of Song

September 18, 2017

Tower of Song: A Memorial Tribute to Leonard Cohen will take place at the Bell Centre in Montreal Nov. 6 and features an impressive array of artists, including Sting, Elvis Costello, the Lumineers’ Wesley Schultz and Jeremiah Fraites, Lana Del Rey, Feist, k.d. lang, Philip Glass, Damien Rice and Adam Cohen. More to be announced.

6 Responses to Leonard Cohen – Tower of Song

  1. Laura Sears

    Unbelievable! Another road trip to Montreal! What a line up ! KD and my Lumineers under one roof. Not sure if the heart can take it!
    Nothing but the best for Leonard.

  2. JP Dieguez

    I was at the Leonard Cohen Tribute Concert last night, and although there were many heart-felt and moving versions of his songs, I would say that your rendition of Democracy stole the show. And this coming from someone who (I am sorry to say) was completely ignorant of your music before last night. Now I am more than intrigued…

    • I watched on PBS recently & thank God I recorded it. Kept backing up to see who these guys were. THAT was awesome & I agree that this stole the show:-)

  3. Francois lessard


    I would ear that beautiful song that you made at this show.
    I like Leonard Cohen but i die for lumineers. Will you sell this song democraty soon?

  4. claire bedard

    I listen to your version of Democracy over and over, and still have goose bumps ! Claire from Montreal

  5. Chris Beckman

    I too was blown away by your version of Democracy. I think it was the best song of the show. I too hope that this song will be included on your next recording. I am really happy I decided to record this PBS special. I don’t think Sting has a leg up on you.

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