Hey Texas,

We are running a poster contest for our shows next week in Houston, Austin and Dallas. Submit your best designs and we’ll pick one winner in each city. We will only be printing 50 copies of the winning designs and they will be available for purchase at the show.


The winner will get 2 VIP Tickets to soundcheck and the show in their respective city and a meet and greet with the band!


- The Posters will be 11″ x 17″
- The Posters should be 2 Color Designs
- Please subit artwork as a Hi-Res PDF file
- Submit your designs to


Please Include the following information:
- Band Name
- Venue
- Date in the following format: MONDAY, JUNE 6th 2012
- Time


Tuesday, May 29th at Noon!


Please send your submissions to: thelumineerspostercontest@gmail.com

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