4 Stars in Mojo Magazine!

April 11, 2016

“A double platinum debut album sets anybody up for a fall on the follow0up, but The Lumineers have been extremely clever. While comparison with Mumford & Sons is unavoidable, on Cleopatra the Denver-based trio head down a subtler path that sometimes eluded Marcus and and chums…”

4 Responses to 4 Stars in Mojo Magazine!

  1. James

    Thanks for the music. New album is great. :)
    We are excited to be coming from Scotland to see you in Paris in November.
    Fuji Rocks a few years back was too special not to repeat.
    Super fans in the making.
    James and Lorraine.

  2. Christina

    Just one show in California? Gotta see you all! The new album is my favorite. There’s a purity to your melodies and I can’t stop singing the songs.

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