4 Stars in The Sun!

April 15, 2016

“I’ve always felt pride in our work. Jeremiah and I have been writing together for almost 11 years. I believe in it, but I’m not an egomaniac.

The number of fans we have blows us away. I don’t care about the number of records we sell, I’m just happy that the music connects with people.”

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  1. Fawn

    Amazing job!! Enjoying your new album! Have a good time! Really happy for you all…

    • For the love of God, keep writing these arsetlic.

    • (ne)VeriacemuAk by aj bola pravda, že termín pohan je bežným kresÅ¥anským označením občanov bez náboženského vyznania (čo je poľutovania hodné, ak v 21. storočí nedorástli na kultúrnu úroveň doby), vôbec to nedáva legitimitu biskupom RKC, aby takýmto nekultúrnym stredovekým spôsobom nálepkovali občanov s iným svetonázorom a pohľadom na svet.V príspevku nikde nevidím, že by tvrdil o veriacich, že sú hlupáci, tak to netreba v diskusii podsúvaÅ¥. A odporúčam v diskusii neklamaÅ¥ o svojom svetonázore, ktorý kričí z obsahu diskusného príspevku a prezrádza svojho pisateľa.

  2. Amazing! I’ve been listening to the lumineers since 2011-2012? Our family has grown with you guys. The new album?
    I love luv ♡ it! My favorites :
    Stubborn love
    Dead Sea
    Flowers know your hair
    To name a few. We were hoping to see you guys at the st.paul,mn show this June but unfortunately it’s sold out)=
    More than anything thank you so very much for the life and light your music has brought to my family and myself. Thank you. From st.cloud ,mn

  3. Alan Kay

    Had the pleasure of seeing you in Manchester UK at the Albert Hall , wow the atmosphere was electric , the venue was special , the music ran through my veins thankyou please come back soon , Cleopatra cd delivered today fantastic , just love all you do .

  4. Andrea

    I enjoy your interviews as much as your music! :)
    You are such sympathetic people and seem so modest to me!
    Greetings from Austria, Andrea <3

  5. Cameron Casper

    You’ve been my wife and I’s favorite band since we discovered you a couple years back. We are celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary with you this Wednesday at The Red Butte Gardens here in Salt Lake City. If you could give a shout out to my gorgeous wife Athalane (prounoced ath-leen) that would be amazing, as I’m sure she would be shocked. If not oh well, we are stoked to see you regardless. P.S. my favorite song has always been stubborn love but lately I’m thinking cleopatra

  6. Kamilla Hokland

    You are my all time favorite band, and I just love Your Music! Listening to you makes me happy no matter what, and it has helped me a lot! I am forever Grateful. In my opinion Slow It Down must be the best song ever made. It is just Perfect. Keep going, you are amazing!

  7. Jake W

    Love you all for some time now, finally saw you live last night in San Diego! I’ve been to 100’s of concerts over the years and you all are the best, most connected show I’ve seen! Keep it up…absolutely beautiful!!!

  8. Chelsie P.

    Awesome show last night in MN!!! :)

    • A el panadero de tu casa no el gustarán pero tienen una pinta estupenda, el boniato además le aportará un poco más de sabor que la harina, ummm que ricos tienen que esots.Beritas

    • 1c5Credo che non sia obbligatorio essere un “talento” che realizza un infoprodotto e lo vende. Bisogna avere conoscenza, capire bene come funziona il business online (non e’ banale e per molti e’ ancora un mistero, per una serie di motivi), ma la soluzione di realizzare gli infoprodotti basati sul proprio talento non e’ l’unica che vedo e forse neanche la piu’ valida.

    • very pretty! happy belated birthday to him…that cake actually looks delicious :) isn't it funny how everything that was once a dress is currently a top? i've been wearing so many dresses as tops lately–and i can't help but think "were these really short before?!"

  9. Isabella Kubo

    Absolutely amazing. I drove all the way out to Denver Colorado to see you guys at Red Rocks, and I would do it all again. Hoping to go to one more show on your tour before it ends.

    Thank you for creating such beautiful music.

  10. Jess

    Huge fans! Never had an album before that I can honestly say, every song is great!!! My two year old makes us play Ophelia on repeat and after the 100th time my family still loves it! Saw you guys in Camden at the 104.5 bday concert and it was only good vibes!! Thanks for making music we can sing, dance and cry too! Rock on!!

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