Cleopatra World Tour Just Announced

January 26, 2016

The Lumineers have just announced their Cleopatra World Tour.

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  1. Vanessa esparz

    Hello I was just wondering if I could be part of the US mailing list without having to pay the $35

    • Olivia

      if you click on “Tour,” you can join an email list without becoming a fan club member!

  2. Schuessler

    So excited to see tour dates and so bummed nothing in the Southeast USA…. Hoping for a 2nd leg!!! Can’t wait to hear the entire new album.

    • Davis

      For real! How do you skip an entire section of the country?!

      • kelsey

        I second that !!! missing out of the East coast but you hit Norway twice ?

        • Emma

          Retweet i literally live in South Carolina and Delaware and nothing :(

  3. Dan kaylor

    Hello, just wanted to let you know that the Chicago tour date listed under the tour on your website is different than the Chicago tour date listed in the email I just received. Thought you should know! Love your music!

  4. “World tour” Couldn’t find the dates for Australia there anywhere, or are they TBA?

  5. Brandon

    No East Coast dates? Bummer.

  6. imogen

    i literally can’t beieve the first date of the world tour is so close to me! I AM SO GOING!!

  7. Jo

    World tour? When is Australia or any where this side of the world? Are more dates coming?

    • Dick penfold

      Need to see you guys at Rod Laver arena

  8. Andrea

    Please make a stop in AUSTRIA <3 #loveyouguys

  9. Russ

    Detroit? We saw you guys at Magic Bag before the hype and again at DTE! Please say you’re coming back…

  10. Ryan

    Would love to see you in Asheville, NC!!

    • That’s cleared my thoughts. Thanks for conngibutitr.

    • Cheri — I laughed out loud at this! I was raised alone, because I was born when my siblings were teenagers, and now I know what I missed! If only Mama had given me a little brother/footstool.

  11. Lou

    I was hoping you guys would make it to the East Coast. I live in New Jersey and the wife and I would love to see you live. My favorite youtube of you in Live in New Orleans. What an amazing intimate venue. That video is what made me start listening to you. Please come to New Jersey. If you there is a chance you go back to New Orleans we will book our flights now. Keep doing you thing, it is amazing.

  12. Plss.. Come to Prague or Bratislava!

  13. sofia

    I am very sad there are no tour dates for Northeast United States.

  14. Jade

    Hello so question if I purchase the fan club package thing $35 what more specifically foes it include? It said VIP ticketing. I want to buy tickets to the Red Rocks Show so if I buy the fan club packaging will I bebifit anything from it?

  15. Kari

    I really wish there was a Toronto date.. Why is there a Vancouver show but not Toronto? If there are more dates being set that HAS to happen; I’ve literally been waiting 2 years to see this band perform!

  16. Steve

    A bit disappointed about the fan club presale. I paid my $35 never got the access code I was promised. After a few hours I contact the ticket agency (Soundkick Support) and they forwarded me the access code. Only for me to find the presale for the only show I can attend at Red Rocks is already sold out. Not cool since I paid the fee and was promised access code right before the presale. Will you have any VIP packages available to fan club members for Red Rocks?

  17. Aletheia

    What are the chances of a tour in Florida?

  18. Brittany

    Heartbroken that you guys aren’t playing any shows in New York. So disappointed.

    • erika

      well… the northeast crapped on them…. that’s why!!!

  19. heather o.

    I’ve been on the presale list forever (even got the email confirming it a few days back) and still didn’t get a code today. At the moment the presale should have gone live, I logged on to see that the presale seats were sold out. What happened? So disppointed!

    • heather o.

      So my code did come, 21 minutes after the hour. That said, even if it had come on time, the presale tickets were sold out at 7am pst. I wish I understood what happened. Hoping you all add a second show and your fans have another go at tickets.

  20. Laurie

    Wow, hugely disappointed – either you guys are completely unorganized, or you don’t care about your fans at all. I paid $35 to join the fan club ONLY to purchase presale tickets. I signed on 10 minutes BEFORE the presale went live, and it showed sold out. How in the world? I want my $35 back, yet can’t even find a way to contact you.

  21. AME

    Ditto on signing up for the membership, not getting the access code, and then finding out that the pre-sale is sold out. Kept checking my inbox and my spam folder all day. Nothing.

  22. Shane

    Would love to see more Canada dates than just Vancouver! We’re a huge country 7600 km wide. Please come to Edmonton or Calgary if you do a second third. We love you up here and miss your faces.

  23. crlcmt

    Please play more dates on the east coast of the US! Only one date in Philly at a multi band show…..

  24. Jen

    New Jersey/Philly would love for you to come to town. Big fans here and great venues. Please come to the Northeast.

  25. Ava

    Do not take the complaints above personal. Appreciate all that you do. I wanted to reinforce the message of coming to New Jersey or Philly. We already have tickets to the Birthday Show in Camden, but would rather see you play longer just you and no other bands. Please come to the Northeast.

    • Colleen

      agreed…the birthday show won’t be enough :/

  26. Andres Puello


  27. Piotr

    Please come to POLAND ( I mean especially Open’er festival in Gdynia )

  28. Joanna Murrieta

    So sad to see Cali all sold out!! I’m still gnna drive out on the outskirts. Just need a chance to hear you!!! I love you guys, So simple yet so just Beautiful!

  29. Inga


  30. Colleen


  31. anne

    Will you be touring in nyc area?

  32. Shannon

    Echoing the collective puzzlement of the lack of New England/northeast shows. Please consider coming to Boston!

  33. João Macedo

    And Portugal?
    You must come back here.
    just one show in NOS ALIVE isn´t enough.

    just one more to and i´ll propose my girlf

  34. Tridh

    Hi there! Was wondering if there will be a pre-sale code for the Toronto show?


  35. Valerie O'Toole

    Please come to FLORIDA!!!

  36. Meg

    Please come to Australia!! I know so, so many people that are dying to see the Lumineers live. I have waited years for the new album and the hope of a world tour…. C’mon, the weather is great, the country is beautiful and we have kangaroos. Kangaroos!!!

  37. Richard Pena

    So stoked to go see you guys in Santa Barbara in a couple of days!!! Unfortunately I broke my ankle and had surgery a couple weeks ago. I will most likely be in crutches if not a wheelchair. Is there anything you guys can do to help make the concert more handicap friendly?

  38. Jo Davis

    Any chance that Atlanta, GA will make the tour list?
    – hopeful fan

  39. Nathan

    World Tour…and not Australia

  40. Lisa

    Still nothing for Australia!! Anybody think there’ll be a date anywhere here?? Would fly to see these guys!!!

  41. Rebekah

    Still holding out hope for some Southeast United States tour dates. How about Atlanta? Or somewhere in Florida? Love your music!

  42. Marsha

    Can you please send me my access code. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease and Thank You! Love Your Lumi (my fan name for you guys)

  43. Emily

    Really need to see you in Australiaaaaaaa :(

  44. Kelsey

    Please please please come to Australia!!!

  45. Paige

    You guys need to come to Australia!! Please!

  46. savannah Liddicoat

    please come to Australia! we are all dying to see you guys!

  47. Jenn

    West coast australia please!!

  48. Leigh-Anne

    I’m in Erie, PA, maybe concert on the lake???

  49. Sara Veugeler

    Please come show some love in Orlando!!

  50. Natalie D

    DENVER!!!! You and Kaleo at Red Rocks please!!!!!

  51. RC

    Toronto? Please?

    • lisa Dobson

      Boston?East Coast U.S

      • That’s a wise answer to a tricky quostien

      • Then Bud should issue edict mandating number of day and night games for each team be same and also that this be done by months. April, May and September only day games and other months only night games. Problem solved.

  52. Marion

    Pleaseeee come to Greece!!!!!

  53. Marion

    Pleaseeee come to Greece!!!!!

  54. Elpidaki

    Greece wants you

  55. Salamaki


  56. Della

    Please come to Indonesia or Singapore <3

  57. Darby

    Drop by the land down under! Australia loves you

  58. Jack Lee

    Please Come to SINGAPORE!!!! I’ll be Waiting!

  59. Katie Pile

    Please come to Otalith in Ucluelet!!!

  60. Oscar villalobos

    Please come to Chile!!!!

  61. Karie Chupp

    Hi! I just want to say that your lyrics truly have changed my life and keep me going at times of depression. I have seen you play before and I feel so lucky! You guys put on an amazing show and I must admit I got pretty emotional. I didn’t get to see you on your cleopatra tour. I am hoping that I get to see you soon. I was considering getting tickets for when you play on my birthday (may22) with U2 but with how much money it is I would want to see you guys headline. So much love your way and I hope to see you again soon.

  62. Brett Burgess

    We are celebrating my daughters birthday at your concert in Suga Land tomorrow. Could you sing Happy Birthday to her?

  63. George

    Hi! Where can I find information about private or more intimate concerts?

  64. Agostina Bonilla

    Hello, come to Argentina please, I adore you guys are great!

  65. Andrew

    Any chance of a second show in Melbourne?

  66. Amelia

    Please come to Toronto!

  67. Nicole

    Do come to Southern California.

  68. Victoria

    Disappointed there is no shows even near the southeast! Would love to see y’all in Atlanta or Florida! I’m obsessed with Cleopatra!!

  69. Samuel

    Wheres the FL tour dates? love you guys :)

  70. Afi

    Please, come to Indonesia.. we’re waiting for you guys! Indonesia loves you!

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