Introducing: C-Sides

July 13, 2018

A collection of songs that have yet to make an album but were previously released through alternative channels. The collection is now available on all streaming services for the first time…

Track Listing: 
1. Scotland
2. For Fra
3. Visions of China

Stream Now:

17 Responses to Introducing: C-Sides

  1. Jovanna Ortiz

    Me encanta!! Es una gran evolución y un sutil cambio de sonido sin dejar de sonar como The Lumineers,
    Estos tres temas a mi en lo particular me encantaron, su sonido tiene un envolvente que cautiva a cualquier persona.

    • Good morning Wes Jer and neyla great job on the single with all of you including jers drums I hope they relceale it with the new record next year. Love you all your shs fan Charlotte de Sieyes

    • Charlotte Desieyes

      Dear all The Lumineers I love the drums that Jer did on that album and neyla Chloe and wes’s Gator two I love all of you to peace’s. Your true fan Charlotte Desieyes

  2. So beautiful, I love it so much!!thank you for your music.

  3. Elliot alderson

    Thank you for your songs, they make me travel in my mind, I hope See You Here in Brazil.

  4. I like this article, it is very meaningful and detailed, I hope you will have many good articles like this to share.

  5. Thank you so much for this! I have been listening to Scotland on repeat on Youtube for ages. So excited to be able to stream <3

  6. Justin Grove

    Have both Vinyls, and Deluxe. How can I not have Scotland on Vinyl. I need it on Vinyl. What a song! Plays from inside out. Been on repeat for weeks.

    • Jace Barton

      Second that! Please release these on vinyl.

  7. Jennifer Lollis

    Thank you so much for releasing Scotland! I have loved this song for years and have only been able to play it on YouTube.

  8. You always know how to create wonderful music ! Thanks for keeping real music alive.
    Please consider visiting Mexico City.

  9. Jace Barton

    Please release this as an EP on Vinyl! I love your music so much and I have to have it on my favorite music platform.

  10. Obrigado por esse EP maravilhoso. As suas músicas são espetacularmente inspiradoras e melhoram muito o meu dia.

  11. Charlotte

    Dear Wes and Jer happy new year. Love your favorite fan Charlotte de Sieyes

  12. Dear Jeremiah if you read this do you know what your email address is I’d love to stay in contact with you and Wesley too Charlotte de Sieyes

  13. Kayla

    Please make a new album!!! I loved you guys in concert in Winnipeg mb!!!

  14. Chele Kispert

    Is this available on CD?

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