Jeremiah on Opening for U2 on Joshua Tree Tour

June 28, 2017

“It’s pretty crazy that here we are, essentially five years since our first album came out, and we’re opening up for a band that is celebrating 30 years since their fifth album. It’s unfathomable how long they’ve been doing it. If we can just keep putting out music that connects with people and touches people, who knows” Read more here…

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  1. Kal Thompson

    Awesome & beyond amazing. I could only imagine! I’m curious, 5 years ago, did you ever dream that your own music would be helping people & literally saving the lives of those you touch with your lyrics? Also, what would you’ve said back then, roughly 5 yrs ago, if someone would’ve told you that you’d be sharing the stage with Bono as you open for one of the greatest bands of our (and any) lifetime?
    P.S. Thank you for your music. It really does help to save lives.

    • David Clock

      Glad you guys opened for U2, i got to see you last year Pasadena Rose Bowl….incredible show all night long. I’d love to see you again…..
      And your music….very inspiring and soulful.

  2. Christian

    I have been a diehard U2 fan since the very early 90’s and I have always paid attention to the openers and the tracks played before the band performed. In the past couple weeks I was in Philly with my wife and the first Jersey show with my kids as well. I can safely say that I was blown away by the Lumineers. They were humble and managed to fill the stadium with their own staple sound which was the perfect compliment to Joshua Tree era U2. I have had the 2 albums in rotation since Jersey and am so excited about a new band with such great sound and spirit. Looking forward to more music and tours!

  3. Joe

    I have been a U2 fan since the mid-80s. Seeing them play Joshua Tree in its entirety was phenomenal!!! However, having the Lumineers open was the cherry on top of the sundae for me. What a great performance and finally glad to see them live since missing their show in St. Louis at Peabody Opera House early in the year. I can’t wait to see you guys again and look forward to more great, new music. The first 5 songs on Cleopatra are such a FANTASTIC start to that record. My 7-year-old daughter knows most of the words to those songs (less ‘Gun Song). You have a young fan for life, along with her parents. She was upset she could not go to the concert. Congrats on the opening slot with U2, and all of the success of ‘Cleopatra.’

  4. june

    when will you be touring in England saw you last in Birmingham

  5. Stephen McGibbon

    Saw your performance in Toronto in June…..loved it! Next time, I will look for a smaller venue to enjoy, like Kingston, ON perhaps? Any more follow-ups to Blue Christmas? Great rendition!

  6. Alice

    Dynamic Duo

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