Mission Ballroom Show Announce

March 19, 2019

Denver! Our show at Denver’s Mission Ballroom on 8/7 is powered by Mission Fair Ticketing. A fair lottery system to deal with bots so everyone has an equal chance of getting tickets.

We want you all there! So this is how it works:

1 – Request tickets any time now through Wednesday, March 27 12pm. https://www.missionballroom.com/

2 – All requests are processed in random order.

3 – If you’re selected, your credit card will be charged automatically for the tickets. You’ll get an email letting you know if you were able to get the tickets or not by Thursday, March 28th.


8 Responses to Mission Ballroom Show Announce

  1. I’m so happy for all of you for what your doing Wright now? Charlotte your 6 times = # 1 fan

  2. Naomi

    I went to Mission Ballroom’s website for the ticket lottery isn’t up (3/24/19). Will it be back up?

  3. Carrie

    I also went to Mission Ballroom’s website for the ticket lottery and it isn’t up (3/25/19). Will it be back up?

  4. Carrie A Williams

    I just tried to put my name in the lottery and couldn’t find a way to do it on the Mission Ballroon site. I would really like to go to your show!

  5. Jessica

    From what I read, the “lottery” (AXS doesn’t like calling it a “lottery”) closed on 3/24. I put my name in but sadly just received notification that I didn’t get tickets. I’m not convinced I like the Mission Ballroom concept any better than the regular process; however, I have to commend Denver for trying. Good luck to those of you seeking tickets!

  6. Carrie

    Thanks for the update Jessica. That’s too bad. But appreciate more up-to-date info.

  7. Katie

    So bummed that I’m not able to get tickets! This is a dream of mine to go but it is what it is. Maybe next time!

  8. Jessica

    It appears there are tickets on 3rd party vendor sites for twice the price. I’d love to go but can’t pay their fees. I thought Mission fair ticketing was supposed to remove 3rd party vendors from snatching up all the tickets. Interesting…

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