Neyla Sings the National Anthem

December 28, 2014

Our wonderful cellist, Neyla Pekarek will be singing the national anthem on 12/30/14 at the Denver Nuggets game vs the LA Lakers. The game starts at 7PM, so tune in early to watch her perform.

Neyla was also named a Colorado VIP by OpenAirCPR and shared her favorite music of 2014. Check that out here:

3 Responses to Neyla Sings the National Anthem

  1. Dennis Kyhos

    The Lumineers are fabulous. I look forward to seeing and hearing Neyla et al as often as I can. Most recently on Austin City Limits.

  2. Mark

    I clicked the link thinking Neyla had sung the athem. Really what you meant was she was servicing a bunch of lads ?

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