Our statement on playing in North Carolina and HB-2

May 12, 2016

North Carolina has been drawing attention for new legislation (HB-2) that overrules LGBT anti-discrimination measures passed by local governments. It excludes sexual orientation and gender identity from the state’s anti-discrimination policy and prevents people from filing employment discrimination lawsuits in state courts.

This all began earlier this year when the city of Charlotte, NC passed a decree expanding North Carolina’s anti-discrimination laws – thus allowing LGBT people protection in places of public accommodation.  The new legislation, passed hastily and controversially, overrules this – and is a sweeping, extreme measure designed to discriminate against marginalized persons.  We encourage a full repeal of this law.

As the Cleopatra World Tour makes its stop in NC during such a controversial time we think it is important to invest in the people and organizations that will make the state a better place.  As such, we will be playing our show on September 15th at the Koka Booth Amphitheater as planned.

We believe that music is a language that connects people globally rather than a medium for close-mindedness.  We all thrive in communities where we can feel safe and welcome.  As a band we are against discrimination of any kind and strive to create community everywhere we go.  Moreover, we have (and love!) our broad and diverse fan base, touring family, staff and circle of friends – and we want all of them to feel safe and welcome at our shows.  It is for these reasons that we are doing the following on SEPT 15: 

1 – All of the profits from our performance at Koka Booth Amphitheater will be donated to EqualityNC and The HRC.

2 – We will provide gender neutral bathrooms at the Amphitheater.

3 – EqualityNC and The HRC will be on site collecting donations and passing out information on what you can do to help fight this discriminatory bill.

4 – A specialty T shirt will be on sale – the proceeds of which will go to Equality NC and The HRC.

And here’s what you can do:

 – Anyone who donates more than $50 to EqualityNC will be eligible for a Meet and Greet that evening before the show.*

- Educate yourself on the law and it’s repercussions to your friends, community and family.  Go to EqualityNC and The HRC to learn more

- Volunteer with Equality NC and The HRC. 

Thanks and we’ll see you out there.

- Wesley, Neyla and Jeremiah -

The Lumineers

HB Photo

* Meet and Greet and Soundcheck party will be limited to ticket holders only and subject to a limited capacity.

99 Responses to Our statement on playing in North Carolina and HB-2

  1. Jeffrey

    AMAZING way to promote equality!music speaks through boisterous cries and by using your beats to drop proactive perception is perfect! Play those tunes for the fans, add to the repeal and show NC just what the power of music can do!

  2. Michael Nogrady

    I am with you all the way! Just not showing up punishes good people more than the bigots. I support you 100 percent. God Bless you all, especially our Colorado and Barbershop friend, Neyla!

  3. Marian Starkey

    Reading this statement brought tears to my eyes. I was already a big fan of your music and now I know I’m also a fan of your politics. Can’t wait to see you perform in Portland, Maine in August!

    • Abigail

      I have been crossing my fingers you wouldn’t cancel! Saw the Lumi’s 2 years ago and was such an amazing show!! I am so happy to see a group finally taking a REAL stand and making a voice! Protesting NC concerts is just as stubborn as the law. I am so proud to be a fan and will definetly be buying one of the tshirts! Much love lumineers! Can’t wait til September!

  4. Autumn

    I personally agree with law, and see it as a safety issue. While I may not agree with your stance, I think it’s admirable that you are standing up for a chase that you believe in. I am also very glad that you will continue to play for your fans in NC. Thank you for your music.

    • Nick

      I also agree with most of the facets of the law and also believe personal safety and a right to sexual privacy carries greater weight than does the ‘right to use whichever restroom I want’. I do, however, applaud The Lumineers for going about it this way. It’s being fair to your fans while at the same time not compromising your beliefs.

      • Melissa

        Autumn and Nick,

        I agree with you both. I also applaud The Lumineers for speaking their truth and by not “punishing” the people of NC for this law. Music is powerful and it can bring people of all faiths and beliefs together.

        Thank you for your music!

      • Martie

        I also agree with most of this law and wonder about all non-LGBT people’s rights. I also think your playing is the right thing to do and I applaud your going out of your way to arrange for the extra bathroom. Politics should not get in the way of the music. You can change more by playing than not playing.

      • gc

        The bill does absolutely nothing for safety. A pervert will be a pervert regardless of whatever law is in place.

        • JD

          Awesome response Lumineers. Need more reactions like yours instead of those like Springsteen.
          And GC….I’m sorry but when there’s a threat of being arrested a pervert is much less likely to be a pervert in this situation. Sorry but your broad, and (in your mind) “accepting of all people” (except for those of course who disagree with you) so I must be condescending to the “biggits” comment just makes you and those who support the free reign on bathrooms look foolish.
          Again, awesome response Lumineers. Talk about taking an actual stance with actions.

          • eb

            jd, there was already a threat of a pervert being arrested for being a pervert. someone with the mindset of doing something like that is not going to care if they break one more law in order to do it. that bill denies basic human rights to a specific group of people and it promotes hate and discrimination. plus, there are already stories coming out about people trying to deny females access to the correct restroom because they choose to have a more ‘butch’ (for lack of a better word) style. these are women who identify as women who are being told they can’t use the restroom they are ‘supposed’ to be using because they choose to dress and style themselves in a masculine way.

    • Zorion

      What about the safety of the LGBT community? Laws like this promote hate and discrimination. What pervert is going to pretend to have a different gender identity and consequentially face the danger and hate that goes with being LGBT in order to use a different public bathroom? Trans people just want to feel safe and comfortable to be who they are and use bathrooms that align with their gender identity. When this law makes it legal for someone to lose their job just for who they are or who they love, I think cis people feeling “safe” in public bathrooms is the least of our problems.

    • Josh

      If your concern is for safety are you going to request your legislature to force clergy members to go to an alternate bathroom since you’re more likely to have a child molested by them than you ar a transgendered person? Or is your bias based on an overwhelming ignorance that conservatives maintain as their justification for discrimination?

      • Jason Colvin

        Thank you, Josh. However, sadly, these people aren’t interested in facts as that would take more work on their part while it’s much easier to turn on Fox News and buy into their crap.

    • Tim W

      Let me ask you a question, all this talk of safety ignores the safety of the transgendered. Would you want a 12 year old transgendered girl going into a men’s bathroom with a bunch of adult males? How do you think that would go over?

      Considering the ONLY problems that have occurred are anti-transgender rights people going into the opposite bathroom just to cause problems, then I would say the problem is them.

    • Anita

      I personally agree with the law and see it as a safety issue as well. I love everyone, but i feel it opens up a lot of potential issues with crime if a person can use any bathroom they choose.

  5. Cruz cervantes

    A good compromise. A statement made when you have the states policy’s in question and profit from playing in that state yet turning those profits against the said states crooked policy’s. Kinda gangsta.

  6. Tom shaheen

    No. No. No. You are on the wrong side of history on this one. As much as I have loved your music over the last few years….just no. Would you play South Africa during the Sun City protests? Would you play the segregated dance halls in the 1960’s Southern States? Would you say it’s to support the people’s rights? At the end of the day, the only way to stop this gross and discriminatory behavior is to hit “them” where it hurts; the bank account. You should not do this concert. And if you do…keep your blood money for yourselves. Very, very, disappointed in your choices. Again, no.

    • Edward

      I totally agree withthe comments of Tom Shahen.

    • Lw

      Do you know how many hardworking people are losing their income by every artist that cancels? This is great that they are standing up for their beliefs but also not punishing fans who have shelled out $$ to see them. The profit is going to a good cause so not sure how it’s blood money…

      • J

        Take it it with your legislator and your statement is inaccurate. If you “shelled out” your money , it would have been refunded had the artist cancelled. HB2 is totally wrong for NC or US , it has made us a laughing stock.

        Glad The Lumminiers will come and delighted to hear their brave stance.

        • threebird3

          J – what you don’t realize is that hotels and airlines DON’T refund, even if an artist does. The Springsteen concert (to which we had tickets, including travel and hotel) was cancelled so close to the concert date that our hotel + airline wouldn’t refund. Sad that you don’t know the facts, while calling someone else’s statement “inaccurate”.

      • Tim W

        If you feel that people are losing money by artists cancelling and businesses avoiding North Carolina, then I would say you need to make sure a) the law is changed and b) you vote the idiots who made the law out of office. Sometimes you have to force the change that needs to be done.

    • Kevin

      Sorry Tom I believe you in the wrong on this. The collateral damage to innocent people due to cancellations and lost revenue is severe in our communities. I personally don’t believe our lawmakers care that much at this point, Musicians can do a great service in raising awareness by doing exactly what the Lumineers are doing. I certainly applaud them on their decision to continue playing and use their influence and revenue in a positive manner.

      • Kenny

        I am a former promoter/talent buyer. The way a show works is, I make an offer to the band’s booking agent. If accepted, it is my job to pay a nonrefundable deposit to the agent as well as secure the venue, secure the staff, sound, accommodations, hospitality, etc, all of which are creating jobs that no longer exist if an event cancels. ticket sales should cover the cost of all of this, but if the show cancels, every ticket has to be refunded, many at a loss due to nonrefundable deposits, and literally hundreds of people are out of a job. The city doesn’t put these events on.

  7. Asteeb

    HB2 is a horrible and archaic bill that will be, I repeat will be, repealed. I think that what you 3 are doing is fantastic. Matt&Kim played in NC recently so they wouldn’t punish the wrong people (their fans). I don’t like the sate losing so much credibility and tax revenue because of this bill so, I am happy to hear your band is taking an alternative approach.

  8. Annie

    I think you’re great, and I wish I was able to make it to the show. Will the special t-shirts be available to purchase online? I’m with you 100%!

    • Beril

      They’re available on Equality NC’s website. :)

      • Melanie

        I would like to donate- but I don’t see them on the equality site

  9. molly miller

    Dear Lumineers, I have great admiration for your choice to play in NC and to donate your proceeds to this cause. HB2 will be repealed. To those who think this law is about safety….DO YOUR RESEARCH…it is not, and btw, how long do you think transgendered people have been using the restroom of the gender they identify with? A very long time. This is not a new trend.

    • brandon

      Its not a new trend? It is NOTHING but a new trend that the govt and news use to distract us while they mess the country up even more. It is a trend because no one ever said anything or gave a rat’s ass until fox news said something about it. No one thought twice about it before the media started this. Yes people used to do it and still will but at least it shows our morals are still there by not allowing it and that that individual is wrong, not the whole state because of a very small % of NC. Probably not even enough to make up 2% of the States population. I agree that people who actually feel that way should use which bathroom they identify with. But that opens a gate for perverts offenders etc to do what they want and there’s no other way around it then to have hb2 into place.

      • Christian Rothwell

        I don’t get it when people say “the media started this”. The NC legislature started this when they passed this bill in a rush, allowing no time for public comment. And “it’s about safety..?!?!” Give me a break. It’s about profound ignorance and a desire to demonize something they don’t understand.

      • JoAnne

        I would say with all due respect, but your ignorance in this topic deserves none as there is ample proof that pedophiles and the so-loved clergy who protect them walk amongst us unseen, undefinable, unlike many in the transgender community. Women are being assaulted and harrassed. A breast cancer survivor was forced out of a woman’s room by a MAN because she no longer has breasts. Take your ignorant rhetoric and find some truth.

        • JoAnne

          I will enter any restroom with a trans woman and stand guard if need be. I’m sick of the self-righteous bull spewing from the fools who don’t understand basic biology. There are many gender chromosome combinations prevalent in human kind. XY and XX I’d not the be all, end all of gender identity.

  10. Brooke

    Thank you for this decision! I feel like these actions will help fight this terrible legislation far more than cancelling the concert would have.

  11. Rich Kinyon

    I am so proud of you guys. Please continue to stand for the things that you believe in and care about. Wonderful answer to a very hard question. You guys rock! Love to all, Uncle Rich

  12. Tough call…! But at least you will support the cause of repealing HB2 legislation. Also ask your fans to support those politicians who want to end this madness in NC before it continues to do more personal and economic harm to those of us who live here! So many negative in NC since 2010 & 2012…Enough already!

  13. Chris King

    Great job. I don’t think the boycotts are working in NC. I agreed with boycotts initially, but our lawmakers are too close-minded and I think they are enjoying the rock-n-roll boycotts and the attention it brings to them. This is the way to do it right. Good job. Lumineers. You have new fan.

    • Chris

      Exactly! Canceling shows is doing nothing except keeping music away from fans and not hurting the lawmakers. They don’t care at all! The fans are the ones punished, As well as employees of the venues. People are losing money not being able to work. North carolinans are having to deal with being labeled as a biggot just for living in a state, even though most of us are far from that! This is a great decision on your part!

  14. Emily Goldston

    Wow, this touched my heart. Not only because you guys decided to keep NC on your tour but because you are helping us North Carolinians fight for equality and spread love amidst a hateful situation we’ve found ourselves in.

    I first heard you all perform back in 2012 at KokoBooth when you opened for Old Crow Medicine Show. I had just returned home to NC after 5 years of living abroad, so hearing you perform amongst the tall pines on a perfect North Carolina summer evening was incredibly poignant and beautiful. I was hooked to your music from that day on…now, after moving to Nashville and then abroad again, I came home to give birth to my daughter, Ezra and I want her to be able to love the state I call home as well. She is six weeks old, and I sing to her every day, “lovely girl want you stay? Want you stay, stay with me? All my life I was blind, I was blind, now I see.” Thanks guys.

    With love, Emily and Ezra

  15. Jessica Kent

    Thank you guys SO much for standing up for what is right AND continuing with your plans to play in NC in September. I commend you for donating proceeds from the show to Equality NC and the HRC. I am so looking forward to Sept 15! The last time you played at Koka Booth was one of the best concerts I have ever attended!

  16. Chris Slaughter

    Can you please clarify the specifics of the Meet and Greet. I’ve already purchased tickets and I’ve already made 2 donations, one in my name, one in my wife’s name and I feel that I meet the requirements listed, but I just wanted to know when we will be confirmed for the Meet and Greet?

    Thank you.

    • Hank

      Did you find out any more information? I’m trying to buy tickets and donate but I want to make sure I do it correctly so I’m able to go to the meet and greet.

      • Yup, that’ll do it. You have my apctapierion.

      •   January 11, 2012Fleur, I absolutely love reading, looking, at your blog whenever I can. I love the way you bring the country to the millions. Keep it up! I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award if you are interested. Pop by and grab the award if you like, Cheers, Meg

      • Silvia comentou em 11 de junho de 2010 às 11:25. alguem por favor meu direcione ao RH da Petiscos??? Preciso encaminhar meu curriculum!!! serio mesmo!!! rs sou boa nisso e meu sonho um trabalho desses!!

      • Maybe what the Snatchers in Norway need is an hour of silent meditation over the following pearls of wisdom concerning the real Gates of Hell:“The road to Hell is paved with good intentions” – very oldbut authorship unknown.“Then I saw that there was a way to hell, even from the gates of heaven [which is assuredly where Norway’s progressives think they are]” – John Bunyan, Pilgrim’s Progress.Takuan Seiyo

  17. Courtney

    If I were to donate to EqualityNC, and I buy 2 tickets, would my friend and I both have to donate $50 to get into soundcheck?

  18. Matt

    SO thankful that you’re taking this stand and that you continue to support your fans in North Carolina. Can’t wait to bring our daughters to your show in Cary!

  19. Josh Dyer

    Great choice! These folks don’t take too kindly to rock stars either!

  20. Ken Roth

    Coming to see your show in Charleston. A meet and greet in NC makes me want to figure out how to get there too. As a recent transplant to the Carolinas from NJ I’m pretty disgusted by the law as it really has nothing to do with bathrooms at all. That’s just a front to get people to buy in to the rest of the law which denies people basic rights and allows for discrimination on numerous levels. Either way, I respect your decision, and truly admire you guys. Can’t wait for the end of summer so I can come see you guys in person!

  21. offkey

    I had tickets to the Springsteen concert and I stand with Bruce. Hit them in the pocket book. It’s an illegal law that protects no one.

    • It’s a real plaseure to find someone who can think like that

    • Hi FranklinThanks for your comment.Perhaps you could direct me to the exact error you’re talking about – Ijust re-scanned the post and cannot see a single grammatical mistake;particularly on the your/you’re front.Katrina

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    • I’m no “Twilight” fan, but anyone would have to be a fool to think this movie is not going to have a huge opening weekend. Normally i would say this film does’nt have a chance of reaching “TDKR” opening weekend, but being it’s the finale’ in the series it’s a possibilty. I’ll still say it comes up short of that number though, i’ll say it hits 140-150 million this weekend.

    • Il faudra un jour songer à réunir tous les amateurs de thé qui viennent témoigner sur ton blog. Je suis certaine que ce serait une vraie fête.

  22. offkey

    I’m glad that I bought my Pearl Jam and Lumineer tickets for Virginia shows.

  23. Rebecca

    Thank you for not deserting the music fans in NC who had nothing to do with the legislation that was pushed through in a matter of hours without consulting the public. It’s a sad state to be living in right now. Appreciate your way of handling the issue in a passive way and working toward a solution!

  24. Rebecca

    Thank you for not deserting the music fans in NC who had nothing to do with the legislation that was pushed through in a matter of hours without consulting the public. It’s a sad state to be living in right now. Appreciate your way of handling the issue in a positive way and working toward a solution!

  25. Scott

    Thank you so much for not boycotting. So many of us here in NC are fighting as hard as we can to bring this legislative nonsense to an end and would relish the chance to see your show!

  26. D

    I totally support HB2. What about a straight persons rights! I do not feel safe with a man using a women’s bathrooms. Just use the bathroom that corresponds with your birth certificate. I can’t believe this is really a issue

  27. Thank You!

  28. This is great guys! One of the best statements I’ve read from artists on performing in North Carolina. Much love to you all :)

  29. Sarah Thompson

    Noble… But…Only when the public feels the discomfort, whether a hotel who loses business, or a restaurant that loses business from the cancellation of a show… it’s not until the people that were supposed to go to the concert, getting dicked, and some tiredness of the issue being a downer, will they write or call their legislators for change. Who is going to call a legislator in this scenario? No one.

  30. Dale

    Well this is a misdirected view towards mankind. God made man and woman right? If you think you are something else other than what God made you then you may have a psychological (identity) disorder… What’s next equal rights for murderers or rapist?? I have always thought I was a musician but I prayed about it and God has got other plans for me. Live for God’s Will not yourself…

  31. Joseph Fulk

    While I have a great deal of respect for you guys playing in NC despite your opposition to our local laws, I think all of you musicians need to mind your own damn business and stop trying to get involved with our laws.

  32. Holly

    As a transperson living in NC (in that “Cesspool of Sin” – Asheville. Or so said a state senator 4 years ago) I applaud you coming and what you are doing to support the LGBTQ community by raising $ to fight this utterly stupid law.

  33. Jason Colvin

    Great Job Lumineers…. I hope your concert draws an overwhelming positive response!!!!

  34. Tom Weakland

    So sorry some of you are losing money. Do you have a right to earn money? Lucky you. I appreciate those who are losing money and are accepting their sacrifice without whining. Boycott the hell out of NC!

  35. Chris g

    What an awesome position to take. Supporting the local fans and the support crews who depend on the concert business along with the organizations working to appeal a law that demonstrates such a narrow minded view of how we should respect each other is beyond admirable.

  36. Debbie Hewitt

    Thank you! I hope other artists, actors, musicians follow your lead! This is how you do it!!!!

  37. Donna

    OMGoodness! My new favorite artists! Thank you for such a level-headed and compassionate response. This IS the way to protest and stand for what you believe!

  38. Trevor

    I don’t live in NC and very glad of it. The earlier comment that NC is being mocked as a bigoted backwater is absolutely true. Most of the country believes that you’ve embarrassed yourselves to the point that artists like this NEED to step in and help raise awareness. More importantly the people and businesses of NC need to stand up and fight for what’s right in their state. If BofA spent 1/10 as much on changing this as they do on banking politics this would be repealed tomorrow. Get your businesses involved.

  39. Francis

    You are still contributing to the state by all the tax revenue that will be generated by your show. The crafters of this discriminatory legislation will use your non-boycott stance to their advantage. They have done this repeatedly.

    Historically, Boycotting has a much greater impact, creating much more publicity and helping to achieve the goal of Repeal. Look up South Africa and Aparthied and Sun City. #RepealHB2 #WeAreNotThis

  40. Amanda Turner

    Whilst I agree with boycotts I also must accept everyone can make their own choices and this is a great response. The HRC and EQ NC will be in need of the funds for the fight,they will win – but it will be expensive. Thank you guys..

  41. Nick

    Maybe they should just repeal the places of accommodation? Especially since now it has spread and which it was intended to spread into the school systems. Boys have no business and girls locker rooms or girls bathrooms.

  42. Amanda

    Thank you! I have felt like all of NC is being punished for a bill that not everyone supports. I’m glad to see you stand up for your beliefs and allowing those of us who agree to celebrate with you and enjoy your music. I’m so proud of what you have decided to do as musicians and as people in a position to truly make a difference! Thank you so much!

  43. Erin

    While I agree that boycotts can be powerful, I assure you our governor is not putting weight on the fact that musicians are choosing to cancel. As a matter of fact, he’s stated more than once that he feels they should “stay out of politics,” showing that this is of no concern to them or the state legislature. Their thought process is that we will just book other shows to replace them. People that are high-profile should absolutely use their positions to bring positive awareness. This is a very difficult situation for us North Carolinians; majority of us are majorly embarrassed at what these actions have caused, and I applaud the Lumineers for standing up what they believe in. Let’s not forget music is supposed to be about entertainment and self-expression, and it’s their right to express that in the manner they see fit.

  44. True to your namesake, a light amongst darkness.

    May the torch you’ve lit open doors and illuminate a pathway others have failed to notice. May you continue to succeed in your endeavors and may others follow your lead. Not only in NC but across the nation. Equality continues to be attacked on numerous fronts and being proactive is the only way to succeed.

    Way to shine your light.


  45. Jadon

    Thank you so much for doing the right thing and not denying your fans a chance to see you! I am so glad you decided to play and bring more awareness. I’m amazed that other artists would abandon their fans because of a law. I will be at your show and purchase merch, because I love your music and your talent and what you opened my ears to. I actually support hb2, for my children’s safety against nefarious people twisting the ease of restrictions. But I support you and your point of view. More so, I’m just happy that you aren’t punishing people who just love your talent and want to sing and dance and have fun with you for a couple of hours.

  46. Blake

    I will be the one paying a ridiculous amount for this shirt online and donating to the hrc. Props to the band. While our governor may ignore the economic ramifications on public school in a first to worst education state, he can’t ignore the money intended for his small business platform being dumped into a campaign to bounce him from office. Roy cooper, rational thought, 2016.

  47. Victoria Gala

    THANK YOU for using your music and your platform to promote love, generocity and acceptance in this world! You are incredible examples of how to rise up in a difficult political and public situation such as this, and create something that will have an incredible positive and peaceful impact from your performance at the Koka Booth in Raleigh. I’m grateful we have people such as you all paveing the way and being the light.
    THANK YOU!!!

  48. Walt

    Dear Lumineers,


    As musicians speaking out against North Carolina’s HB2 law, you’re in BIG company with other stars who have thoughtfully educated themselves on the issues. Including –

    Maroon 5, Itzhak Perlman, Ringo Star, Pearl Jam, Boston, Nick Jonas & Demi Lovito, Cirque du Soleil, Bruce Springsteen, Chatham County Line, Ani DiFranco, etc, etc.

    Other LUMINARIES AND ORGANIZATIONS speaking out against HB2:
    Henry Rollins, Duran Duran, Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, The NBA, The NCAA, X Games, Bryant Gumbel, NASCAR(!), Duke University, American Academy of Pediatrics, (Republican) Donald Trump, (Republican) David Gergen, Joe Walsh, Dave Matthews, Cyndi Lauper, David Sedaris, The Human Rights Campaign, etc, etc

    160+ COMPANIES REJECTING HB2, including:
    Google Ventures, Bloomberg, Visa, Campbell Soup, United Airlines, American Express, PayPal, REI, Logitech, Ernst & Young, Target, Time Warner Cable, Capital One, Deutsche Bank, The High Point Furniture Market, American Airlines, etc, etc. (Over 13 conventions have decided against hosting in NC).

    FILM AND TV STUDIOS boycotting production in the state:
    21st Century Fox, A&E Networks, Turner Broadcasting, Lionsgate Studios, etc.

    GOVERNMENTS banning official travel to the state:
    5 states, 27 cities and 7 counties.
    Britain has warned their LGBT citizens against travel to NC

    You guys obviously recognize that the topic of “Bathrooms” is a red herring.

    What lurks below the surface is a “goodie bag” of socially-regressive legislation. The HB2 law:

    • Erases the rights of every employee in the state by eliminating current protections against employment discrimination.
    • Bars state courts from hearing discrimination cases.
    • Contradicts the conservative idea that local communities should control their own affairs; this blanket law PROHIBITS local municipalities in NC:
    From enacting their own anti-discrimination policies,
    From setting a local minimum wage,
    From regulating child labor,
    From making certain regulations for city workers, and
    From requiring that contractors pay employees a living wage.

    HB2 is making North Carolina the laughing stock of the nation, while destroying its reputation internationally. This politically-fueled distraction is costing taxpayers millions in lost revenue from business and tourism. And it will do so for years to come.

    As you’ve likely heard, the bill violates the federal Civil Rights Act and the Violence Against Women Act, forcing the U.S. Department of Justice to sue the state(!).

    North Carolina is full of good and amazing people. I hope you’ll help your audience understand the depth and breadth of this madness, above and beyond its obvious heinous attack on basic human dignity.

    As a high-profile band – and the thoughtful, generous humans you are – you’re leading by example. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    Warm regards,

    Your new biggest fan

  49. Rick N

    I am a huge fan, live in California and am disappointed in these type of laws meant to counter fairness. Thank you for representing love and encouragement.Bigger fan now that I read your stance on things.

  50. Rick

    I wonder if Vegas would be willing to figure the spread / over-under on the number of sexual assaults that occur in the “gender neutral” bathrooms.

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  52. Ellen

    Thanks for helping us fight the good fight in NC. I think your statement is inspiring to so many of us who want to stand up for what is right.

  53. Rob

    scientific and psychology studies show 4 to 7 percent of men are pedophiles or have pedophilic urges. .03 percent identify as transgender. Discrimination is already illegal. The red herring has not been reduction of rights in employment, or civil rights, but a slippery slope where pedophilia is accepted and a protected class, it is widely accepted worldwide. Just saying. I love The Lumineers!!!

    • I really wish there were more arclites like this on the web.

    • Wow. Thank you for sharing. This is a very powerful statement. Wanting to get it right every time. Hoping you are right and then realizing it all comes from somewhere bigger than us. Great great reminder. Thank you. You don’t have to share your less than perfect attempts and yet you did. Will the owner know the puppy?

  54. donald hennessey

    I disagree with the law but agree wth the lumineers. We need to fund organizations that fight discrimination. Go to the concert, have a great time, and know the proceeds are going to a just cause. Fight bigotry everywhere.

  55. As a Vietnam Era veteran that spent 22 months stationed at Ft. Bragg just outside of Fayetteville, N. Carolina & witnessed first-hand the repressive , oppressive attitudes at that time directed toward people of color even though many of them were defending Democracy risking & sacrificing lives & limbs this recent act of discrimination comes as no surprise.
    I applaud you for your decision to combat this disgraceful piece of legislation.
    As a volunteer with the HRC in Cleveland,Ohio , as CEO ( Mission Control Director ) of Worldstock Entertainment & as Outreach /Advocacy Director of the Alive Inside Foundation I have made LGBT issues & rights a priority.
    Many of my connections are LGBT Activists / Advocates & I will continue to support the cause.

  56. Jeff Beruk

    How you have handled this is very inspiring and hopefully effective. Just made my donation!
    Can’t wait to see the show! Thanks.

  57. Kristen & Keith Stojka

    I made a donation months ago so that my husband and daughter could attend the meet and greet. What time does it start and are the tickets to enter the meet and greet the same as the tickets to get into the show?

  58. dh

    Awesome show last night! And I am so happy you guys took the stand that you did! HB2 is an embarrassment to NC! I appreciate that all the proceeds are going to Equality NC and HRC. Thanks for coming to NC.

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