Studio Updates to the Fan Club

July 29, 2015

Day 4 of studio work, ‪#‎footstomps‬. We’ll be posting a ton of studio photos and videos in our Big Parade Fan Club over the next 6 weeks.

Follow along, here:

7 Responses to Studio Updates to the Fan Club

  1. Rach


  2. anon

    guys when does your next album release? youre killing us

  3. Belu

    The link to enter the Fan Club isn´t working :(

  4. Audrey

    Sig up for fan club isn’t working for me either! help!

  5. Hannah

    Seriously, you guys are truly a band who I could listen to all day, there isn’t a song I don’t love, and this band is probably the reason I got into Folk music.
    Keep making more!! We’re literally dying to hear your next album, so please make it be soon!
    Stay cool. :)

  6. Jeff Shine

    I go on iTunes all the time just hoping there is something new from you guys! When will there be a new album??

  7. don't slow it down

    you’re killing me smalls

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