The Lumineers with Tom Petty

February 7, 2017

We are very happy to announce that we will be opening for a legend for a few dates in the summer – Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers…

Aug- 17 – Vancouver, BC @ Rogers Arena
Aug – 19 – Seattle, WA @ Safeco Field

The Big Parade Fan Club pre-sale begins Friday, Feb 10th @ 10AM PST. Sign up here for first access.

14 Responses to The Lumineers with Tom Petty

  1. Madison

    Would y’all please come to Memphis, Tennesee? WE NEED YOU HERE. That would make me oh so happy!:))

  2. Adam

    This would be the most epic show ever. Two heavy hitters in one night. Epic!

  3. Angela

    This is the most exciting news everrrr! Tom Petty was the first concert I had ever been to at Red Rocks when I was 13 (18 years ago) and I love the Lumineers soooo much!!!!! See you guys in Seattle!!!!!

  4. Kate

    need you in tenneseeeeeeeee!!!!!!

  5. Lizzy in Oregon

    You should do a lil’ gig in Eugene, OR after the Petty show in Seattle. The total solar eclipse passes right through the area around 10am in the morning on the 21st. Might as well feed two birds with one seed! We have big love for you people here!

  6. Come to Red Butte in Salt Lake!!

  7. David Brady

    Please!! Please come to Milwaukee for summerfest.
    We saw you last summer in Richmond and it was life changing. To see you with one of my idols would complete me.
    Pretty please.

  8. Susan

    I will go from Costa Rica to Vancouver on august just to see you guys. I am so excited!!

  9. kg

    What a mismatch….

  10. DJW

    Santa Barbara would love to have you around before or after your Pasadena /Seattle trips! Please come visit us!!! We promise to show you a good time.

  11. Patrick from PDX

    I second the idea of y’all visiting Oregon not only to give the PNW some more love, but to also catch that total solar eclipse!!

    But you guys are just some of the most beautiful musicians I’ve ever heard.. you will be warmly and sincerely welcomed in Oregon if you visit :)

  12. Brittany Proctor

    Please come to the east coast! Opening for Tom Petty! It would be the greatest concert ever!

  13. Nicole

    Is there any way to buy your cover of “walls” because I’m in love with your version!

  14. Trevor

    Will you be playing your full headlining set in Vancouver, or will it be a one hour opening act?

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