The New Video for “Sleep On The Floor”

November 17, 2016

The official video for “Sleep On The Floor” is here. Watch it here:

34 Responses to The New Video for “Sleep On The Floor”

  1. Evan

    The story within Sleep On The Floor, as well as Cleopatra and Angela have just captivated me! The Lumineers tell such a deep and wonderful story in the course of 12 minutes (3 music videos) that left me asking so many questions.

  2. Wesley A. Gehman

    So I’ve been writing about you guys a lot and thought you would be interested in my fan theory on the videos.

    • Wesley A. Gehman

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  3. Noah Lin

    What an amazing video… So much emotion crammed into one music video. When I realized there was 2 more that continued the story I was ecstatic. bravo Lumineers

  4. Awsome! All the videos abput Cleopatra disc makes me feel a lot of feelings was really awsome had perfect histories, love u.
    Bless from Perú!

    • Sorry for the bad redaction in english

  5. Ian MacLeod

    I want to know more. I’ve fallen in love with not just your music but your story telling abilities. I’ve always said that people just want to feel, and that’s what these videos do for me. Whatever emotion it is, sadness, love, anything. We just want to feel something and you’ve done all that and more for me.

  6. Carolina Medina

    Thank you The Lumineers for this masterpiece, I’m asking my self so many questions, rewatching the videos, trying to figure out hints… Just amazing

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  7. Kelly KC

    I LOVE the new videos! I really hope the story continues. I would love to know about the other people in the back of the taxi.

  8. Alvin Sanhueza

    Hey guys, love ur music, helps a lot on the long days, and love the videos, trying to understand the message behind it. much love from Montreal, Canada, come and say hi!


  9. Shauna Smith

    I was watching all three videos just the other night because I saw that “Sleep on The Floor” video came out. So I was watching it and realized a lot of parts between the “Angela” and “Cleopatra” music videos. I promise you that I broke down in tears because I was so amazed that all three videos left me wanting to know why you guys did this, how they all go together, and such more. But I’m a big fan and I love both of your albums!!! – love, Shauna :)

  10. Olivia

    I always become speechless when I’m listening to you guys. Hearing the songs and seeing the music videos….hits me right in my heart. I’m from Belgium and I’ve seen you play at Pukkelpop, loved it, beautiful music, beautiful voices, the performance was taking my breath away. Keep on doing what you guys are doing with the stories of the music videos (will patiently wait for the next ones) and please keep on playing, it’s sooo lovely!! Thankyou guys, for your wonderful music. Lots of love from Antwerp! Please come back to Belgium soon :D


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  11. Carolyn

    The song is wonderful and the story is deeeeep, yet there are like millions of questions jumping in my mind. I couldn’t help but to wonder if the entire trip is just an illusion in her head?? The video is so amazing!!!

    • Anna

      I love it too!!do you happen to know the names of the actors playing in the video?Thank you anyway!

  12. Anna

    The official video of ‘Sleep on the floor’ was absolutely mesmerizing like all your videos!!!There few bands like you nowadays and that makes you and yoyr work so special!!I’d like to know the names of the actors playing in the video.If anyone happens to know them please answer to my comment.I’d really appreciate that!
    Lots of love to everyone!

    • Shelley

      The girl’s name in the video is Elise Eberle

      • Araceli

        Hmm what is the boy’s nameWhat is the boy’s name ?

        • Gina

          Adam Lively

  13. Kam

    what brand is the black floral kimino she’s wearing in the video?

    Thank You

  14. Angelina

    Angela is very captivating for many because we all get stuck in situations where if we truly don’t get out we probably won’t ever. Angela inspires me to take a stand and do what feels right for me, and I truly believe this song has helped so many realize the importance in life. Like I always say, the Lumineers are utter geniuses and have made yet another brilliant uplifting song.

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  15. Angelina

    I would love for you guys to come back to Austin. I bought tickets but wasn’t able to go due to my grandmother being gravely ill.

  16. Janee

    Come to San Antonio! I love your music sooo much and can listen all day. I can relate so much to this music <3

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