Fan Club Update – A Note From Wesley

April 26, 2016

We are so proud of this record and so honored that already so many people have taken the time and interest to hear it. We’re out on the road now, a place that we haven’t been for a little while – we missed it, and we missed playing to you, the fans.  Keep an eye out, we’ll be adding some meet and greets to say hello and thanks to you in certain cities.  Thanks for being a fan, and hope you are enjoying the music box we sent.

-Wesley of the Lumineers

4 Responses to Fan Club Update – A Note From Wesley

  1. Esteban

    Thanks for the music box! My daughter loves it. She’s excited to The Lumineers at her first Red Rocks show. Thank you for bringing her a bigger love of music! Its fantastic! She wants to take her friend, so hopefully we can score one more ticket with out going through craigslist or stub hub.

  2. Madison

    Thank you so much for putting out such an amazing album! I’m psyched to see y’all when you come to Dallas. I’m still kinda hoping, y’all will do a meet & greet. :)

  3. Schuessler

    Wes – ironic to me that your first show was a result of the 10club which I have been in for a long time now; 25 shows and counting. I get to pass a similar story onto my son who will be seeing you guys for his first concert as a result of me joining the big parade. He asks to hear the Lumineers almost every time we are in the car. My son and I will share an exclusive bond that I will be forever grateful for. Thank you and the band for the music and the lyrics. See you down the road.

  4. Robin

    PLEASE……Can The Lumineers come to Charleston, South Carolina.

    We love your music so much!
    P.S. The weather is usually always great here. We have many cool venues for you to choose from. Give it a thought, OK?

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