A Message From Wes

February 24, 2015

This is Wesley speaking, on behalf of The Lumineers.

I’d like to thank you for joining our new fan club. It’s a wild thing, to have something like this – a dream come true, in fact. I’ve always admired bands who build an honest and authentic relationship with their fans. When I was a kid, I remember my uncle taking me to a Pearl Jam show, and he was in their fan club, the “Ten Club” – it was a wonderful thing – the members of this fan club had earlier access to shows, a heads up on secret shows, exclusive merch – all sorts of things that rewarded the fans who had been there the longest. I’d like to try to do that in our own way.

With all the social media and over-sharing of our personal lives, I think it’s hard for a band like us to let anybody into our world. And compared with pop-stars, we’ll keep our distance a bit more. But we are doing this because we want to have a relationship with the people who have been fans of us as we go forward, and we’d like to do our best to reward you – through making it easier to get tickets to our shows and a look into what we’re doing that we keep private from most. We’re honored you’ve joined, and I just want to thank you so much for being a part of this Big Parade. We’ll see you soon.

~ Wesley of The Lumineers

7 Responses to A Message From Wes

  1. Lauren

    I find the music you all create to be very beautiful. I can listen to your Red Rocks show on YouTube over and over. I would really like to purchase a CD of it, but have not found it for sale. Will you sell it soon? Your music has helped inspire me to begin learning to play an instrument at age 35. So, thank you!

    Charlotte NC

  2. Ashley Ann

    This round the world thing is so amazing for the band but i was wondering will there be a hiatus after this or will y’all continue on once y’all are back state side and release more tour dates? SC would be a great stop, Myrtle Beach best. I love y’all’s record but my favorite performances is the acoustic and live stuff i can find on you tube. Nothings better then southern hospitality… especially in the Carolinas. Trust me if we could sneak off to Colorado we would (my brother too) but un fortunately a little family restaurant (diner) keeps from much travel. If y’all ever get down this way, the meals on us. if you can find it

  3. hi…I live in PR. I am 67 years old and just discovering your music. It is foot stompin awesome…go for it…great band! add me to your email list and fan club. richy mcpeake luquillo pr

  4. Morgan

    I fell in love with your sound around 3 years ago. Perhaps a bit more. One of my friends discovered you having a free show in Albany, NY and we drove 4 hours in the sleet and rain to get there. There was SO many people. Soooooo we kind of snuck in through the VIP. I mean it was his idea.. But I ran with it and they were like name please. I said “Morgan Major.” & they let me in! (I hope there wasn’t really a Morgan Major on the list, if so I genuinely may feel bad. But I don’t regret it one bit. It was the best night of my life. Hands down.

    I’ve never joined a fan club or even considered it. But I didn’t hesitate when I saw that you had one. Thanks for the amazing music that I still listen to on the regular. It’s my go to music to make my heart happy on a gloomy day and forget all my worries in the world.

    hope you don’t hate me for my “cheating the system” story.

  5. My meter for stupidity must be nearing reaoriblaticn; my first thought was how instead of gauging Britain's latest step along the plank.I was worried about that needle snapping into the redline stop so often.

  6. I wish you had included a picture of the 3M Command Hooks as they look when you buy them. I am not familiar with them so don’t know exactly what to look for. Are they in ‘office supply’, paint dept., or where?Do you actually polish your silver trays? I like your displays. I have many trays that have been stored away for years because I got tired of polishing them. Any tips on that?

  7. it’s not bad! at least not so dramatic curls and it has the natural look =) at least it doesn’t turn out like the one u had for temporary perm? post up pic

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