A Message From Stelth Ulvang

March 30, 2015

Hey there, Stelth here, and I’m finally back in Colorado after 5 weeks on a little solo tour!  (I released a record that can be found here -Stelthulvang.com )

I’ve also been touring with a band Spiritsoftheredcity.com , and we are doing a string of Colorado shows THIS WEEK-

Don’t worry, I am still hard at work keeping up to speed with Lumis stuff, with this new (old) jackpot of a Gibson J-50 I got at Chicago Music Exchange- heres me hard at work below.


Consider coming out to a Spirits of the Red City Show if you are in Colorado, before I disappear into the studio to help finish recording the new Lumineers Record- 


3 Responses to A Message From Stelth Ulvang

  1. How about for those of us who cant run off to Colorado, y’all get over to S.C., Myrtle Beach would be perfect but Charleston would work too by the way i think its awesome that you can keep your work with the band going but still keep doing our own thing. Music is music no matter where it comes from or with, so long as its from a soulful heart. Keep on y’all

    • Notnhig I could say would give you undue credit for this story.

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