Studio Update – 44

February 4, 2016

The music box.

16 Responses to Studio Update – 44

  1. Anthony Jackson

    Love the new song<3

    • Laz

      Hi guys,

      I absolutely love this!!

      Me and my wife had “Hey Ho” as our wedding song and as it has been 10 years since we first got together this February, i was really hoping to get the same music box for Hey Ho.

      Can you tell me if I can get one similar to one in your video?


      The be album is awesome.


  2. Tim

    New song kicks ass! Can’t wait to get tickets to the Indy show.

  3. Kathryn Morgan

    Ophelia is such a good song! Sounds a lot like the last album. Such a unique sound.

  4. Amy

    Absolutely love the new song! Will be on repeat for a while!

  5. Connor

    Love Ophelia! Can’t wait for the new album! Any chance of adding more shows to the tour, specifically in the Alabama/ Tennessee/ Georgia area?

  6. Guys I seriously can’t stop listening to your new song. It’s beautiful! I really hope this tour brings you to Chile. We miss you a lot down here!

  7. William

    Great Work on Ophelia!!! Stoked to hear cleopatra in its entirety. So excited for the band. I enjoyed watching the single go from 3k views to 20k all within hours and still climbing!!!!! Don’t forget about the east coast. Already looking to book trip to Chicago….. Would be nice to see you in Jersey or NYC!!!!! THANK YOU

  8. Charlie, Denver

    Great new song. Was getting anxious waiting for new album, Can’t wait to hear in its entirety !

  9. Itaí

    <3 so in love with this song (also that little music box)

  10. Lisa

    Love the new song! Can’t wait for the full album and the concert!! Trying to get a meet and greet! ❤❤❤

  11. Maryana Yablonsky

    Can’t wait to hear the rest!! Ophelia is amazing! “Heaven help the fool who falls in love” my favorite verse. Come to Florida !! Xoxo

  12. Holly

    so cool :) Absolutely adore the new song and video. Can’t wait to hear the album and can’t wait to see you guys on tour!!

  13. Beth

    Is it possible to buy the music box?! My 8 yr old would love it!

  14. Schuessler

    Received mine in the mail yesterday. Very neat “big parade” gift. Looking forward to Charleston and taking my son to his first concert! Congrats on the new record and hopefully many more to follow.

  15. Amy

    Loved getting my music box. Thanks! Can’t wait to see you guys again in June in Minnesota. Bringing our girls (5 and 8 years old) would love to do a meet and greet with you! Our 8 yr old saw you in MN when she was 5. She loves your music.

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