The Big Parade Meet and Greets announced for US dates

May 12, 2016

Meet and Greets for the fist round of tour dates were announced today via our email list and filled up in the first half hour.  The Lumineers will be saying hello, taking photos and signing some merch for Big Parade Members in the following cities:

Houston, Portland, Seattle, Morrison, Indianapolis

Stay tuned for more dates to be announced.

31 Responses to The Big Parade Meet and Greets announced for US dates

  1. Curt McQueen

    Will there be a meet and greet opportunity at the Toronto show?

  2. I saw the email literally 40 minutes after it was sent as I strolled out of work at 4:30 yesterday in LoDo and frantically clicked to get in for the first night in Morrison but it was full. Your songs have literally been the background music to our relationship (we’ve rocked out togeother to your tunes all over the world on our travels, from Cambodia to Iceland to London to Copenhagen and of course, multiple times a week in my Jeep here in Denver). Any chance you’ll be opening more meet and greet spots?

    Love, Jaime & Karl

    PS we can’t wait for Red Rocks on the 7th!

  3. Sasha

    Redrocks is full?! AAAAAAHHH this is the worst day of my life!

  4. Carissa

    Meet and Greet for Brooklyn?!

  5. Ian

    I made the list for the Red Rocks Meet and Greet, but it didn’t specify which date. Can someone please let me know if it’s for June 7th, 8th or either.


    • Pete

      Hi Ian,
      I am in the same boat. Made the list but not sure what date. I am assuming it is for the June 7th show….?

    • E

      I was under the assumption that it was the 7th as well. I assume this on account of the concert on the 8th wasn’t available for the big parade fan club pre-sale, and the meet and greet was only sent out to the big parade fan club members. I do not think the 8th became available until either the day the tickets went on sale to the general public or the general pre-sale.

      • pete

        Yup, my thoughts exact as well. Better to just show up on the 7th at the box office and find out, but I’m certain it’s for the Tuesday show!

      • pete

        Did you ever get a confirmation by email with details? I just printed the screen telling me I made the rsvp list.

        • E

          I never got a confirmation email. I took a screen shot after I signed up. It said to “arrive at the box office at the time doors open… to pick up the passes. You will be met at the box office and led backstage 15 minutes after doors open.” the only question I have is that, is it the will call box office or the box office inside of red rocks?

          • pete

            I’m guessing the one outside..

    • Peter

      Hi Ian,
      Nice to meet you last night. I just found out the meet and greet is tonight, not last night. You have to have tickets for tonights show to do the meet and greet though. I hope you and your family had fun last night!


      • E

        Hi Pete,

        How did you find out that the meet and greet is tonight and not last night? It was nice to meet you and your wife last night. Just a bit disappointed that everything started on such a bad note.

        • Peter

          I wrote the fanclub contact and they said that it was for tonight and not last night. They resent me the confirmation showing June 8th.

          • E

            I wonder why that information was not available to us prior to you writing them

  6. It’s really cool to see you are giving these chances for the fans. I’m from Santiago, Chile and really hoping you’re coming back here in the near future. If that happens, please make a meet and greet in here too! I’ll be the first on the list. I really like the music box, and just ordered the signed vinyl!
    Love from South America, Manu.

  7. Melissa

    I can’t wait to see you guys in September in Charleston, SC. I really, really hope y’all have a meet and greet here in Charleston. My boyfriend, Grant, and I were going to dance to Dead Sea as our first dance when we got married. He passed away in January. It’d make my world to hear that song live, I hope y’all perform it. I would also love the chance to meet you guys. Your music has helped me feel so close to Grant, even when I have trouble feeling him with me.

  8. Zack

    Looking forward to the show in St. Louis. Love the new album. Cheers!

  9. Skylar

    Will there be a meet and greet for Kansas City???

  10. Samantha

    Will there be any more Meet & Greets announced? I’d be ecstatic to meet you on Oct. 1st in Rogers, AR!

  11. E

    When we signed up for the meet and greet, the page stated that we were to be at the box office at the time gates open (6:00 pm) and someone would meet us there 15 mins after to take us backstage. Because of the distance from the box office to the stage we were there much earlier. We followed these instructions and needless to say the meet and greet at Red Rocks was a bust, and my daughter was utterly disappointed. The persons at the box office did not know anything about a meet and greet and when she was finally informed it was 10 past 6. A driver told us to meet him at the Red Rocks trading post and he will take us up to the amphitheater. Myself, my daughter, and several other fans made it to the trading post only to be informed that there was no meet and greet. I don’t think it was the band dropped the ball, but more the promoters, label and/or Red Rocks. Anyone have the same problem at other meet and greet venues?

    • Hazen

      E, nice to meet you last night. Sorry it was under the circumstances where we all left disappointed. Based on Peter’s post above, I guess the meet and greet is tonight? Tough pill to swallow because the communication and execution was so poor. I know you and Peter had the same screen shot that I had and there wasn’t a reference to the date of the meet and greet. Since there wasn’t an email confirmation there was no way for us to know. Like you said, it was just disappointing and left my wife and I rather disillusioned.

      • E

        Nice to meet you and your wife as well. That is a tough pill to swallow, as I believe that most of the Big Parade fan club should have had tickets to last night. I’m too beat today to attend another show, and frankly disillusioned enough to not care to take the time to meet the band

        • Hazen

          I agree with you on all fronts.

  12. Amy

    Will there be a meet and greet for MN show this Tuesday? We are bringing our kids and they would love to meet you all! Can’t wait!

  13. Gloria

    Hi, I was wondering if there will be a meet & greet in Charelston South Carolina? It would mean alot if yall could do that!

  14. Bill

    We wish there was a Meet and Greet at the Hollywood Bowl Oct 5th or in Berkeley on Oct 7th. My wife and I are coming to see you at both venues for our 30th anniversary.

  15. Connor

    Any other meet and greets for whats left of the US tour? Would love to hang with you guys at the Meadowbrook on the 24th!

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  16. Morgan

    Anyone know if they are doing a meet and greet tomorrow in Nashville? Please let me know asap

  17. Charlotte de Sieyes

    So excited about the show June 25, 2017 at Gillette Stadium.
    This will be my 4th concert in a year seeing my favorite
    all time group! Any meet and greets at Gillette ???

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