Limited Edition 10″ Vinyl for RSD 2017

March 22, 2017

Angela & Long Way From Home

This specialty 10” showcases how the band’s newest single, “Angela” and deep cut “Long Way From Home” each evolved in 3 phases: from the demo process, to the album version, and finally into the live performance.

With “Angela,” you’ll hear and see some lyrics change and bridges and verses being moved around. The “Long Way From Home” demo includes an intro that was omitted on the studio version of LP2, but was realized yet again in the fantastic live show. This record will be out on Saturday 22 April 2017 and you can find it at your participating local record store:

5 Responses to Limited Edition 10″ Vinyl for RSD 2017

  1. Angel Lorenzo

    I want it, please.

  2. I thought Angela came out to the pubic tomorrow. Charlotte

  3. Evan Freach

    I can’t wait! Today is the day!

  4. Joel Stille

    Can’t find it anywhere……. :(

  5. Thanks for writing such an eaysrto-unde-stand article on this topic.

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